Where Do I Begin: Synopsis

Where Do I Begin brings back the old fashioned road movie, a dark rom-com with a modern twist.

Set in a bleak landscape of a change resistant culture in the north of England, Where Do I Begin is a film of our time, a black comedy that tells the story about people on the fringes of society. Ash is a girl, identifying as a boy. Rose is a boy, identifying as a girl. In this story, things are rarely what they seem.

Ash grew up in a care home and has been diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. In a search to discover biological parents that he has never known Ash leaves his hometown with a moped and a dream to find out who he really is. Whilst in an amusement arcade contemplating an act of petty theft Ash comes across Rose and they instantly strike up an unlikely bond. Rose needs to get out of town fast to escape the clutches of an abusive lover and so, exchanging a moped for a battered Hearse, the pair flee town, setting in motion a series of encounters that propel them from one bizarre situation to another.

The news that his mother died some years ago sends Ash to find his only other living parent, determined to reach some kind of ‘closure’ before the cancer claims him. While searching for his father, Frank Turner, Ash eliminates others on his list – including Old Frank, Black Frank, Taxi Frank and Dead Frank. And although none of the Frank Turner’s they encounter are pretending to be his father, they nevertheless are not what they seem, hiding their own secrets in a bizarre series of mistaken identity incidents as time for Ash to find the real one runs out. As Ash deteriorates, he relies ever more heavily on Rose to help him complete his journey, to write the ending of his own life’s story, to dictate his own destiny.

Told with an authentic blend of comedy and pathos, ‘Where Do I Begin” may help us understand the vibrant and diverse world we live in a little better.


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