BAD KARMA (2012). Cast: Ray Liotta, Dominic Purcell, Vanessa Grey.
Produced by Grant Bradley, Dale Bradley (Limelight International, Aus) and Mark Williams, Mark Holder,
Christine Holder (Zero Gravity, US).

DARK TOURIST (2012). Cast: Melanie Griffith, Mike Cudlitz, Pruitt Taylor-Vince, Suzanne Quast.
Produced by Adam Targum, Zachery Bryan, Suzanne DeLaurentiis for Vision Entertainment (US).

LOCKED IN (2010) Cast: Ben Barnes, Sarah Roemer, Eliza Dushku, Brenda Fricker, Clarke Peters, Johnny Whitworth.
Produced by Susie Brooks-Smith, Frida Torresblanco.

GOOD SHARMA (2009) Cast: Joan Allen, Billy Connolly, Dalip Tahil, Pankaj Kapoor.
Produced by Nicola Scott, Sheetal Talwar.

NEW YEAR’S DAY (2000) Cast: Andrew Lee Potts, Bobby Barry, Michael Kitchen, Jacqueline Bisset, Anastasia Hille.
Produced by Steve Cleary, Simon Channing-Williams.

A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE (1994) Cast: Albert Finney, Michael Gambon, Rufus Sewell, Tara Fitzgerald.
Produced by Jonathan Cavendish.


WUTHERING HEIGHTS (2003) Cast: Erika Christensen, Mike Vogel, Chris Masterson, Katherine Heigl, Johnny Whitworth.
Produced by Maggie Malina. An MTV Original Movie.

THE CHEST (1996) Cast: Neil Morrissey, Jim Carter, Gina McKee.
Produced by Mark Redhead, Andy Harries for Granada TV.

THE PLACE OF THE DEAD (1995) Cast: Dougray Scott, Greg Wise, Ralph Brown.
Produced by Jeff Pope for LWT.

THE TURNAROUND (1994) Cast: Clive Owen, Bill Paterson.
Produced by Bill Shapter, Tony Garnett for World Productions.

O MARY THIS LONDON (1993) Cast: Jason Barry, Dylan Tighe.
Produced by Helen Greaves, Mark Shivas for BBC Films.


THE CAZALETS (2001) Cast: Hugh Bonneville, Anna Chancellor, Stephen Dillane, Lesley Manville, Paul Rhys.
Produced by Verity Lambert, Joanna Lumley for BBC Serials (6 x 1hour).

A RESPECTABLE TRADE (1998) Cast: Richard Briers, Warren Clarke, Emma Fielding, Ariyon Bakare.
Produced by Ruth Baumgarten, Ruth Caleb for BBC Serials (4 x 1 hour).

ECHO BEACH (2008) Cast: Jason Donovan, Martine McCutcheon, Hugo Speer.
Produced by Howard Burch (Kudos for ITV).

COLD BLOOD (2007) Cast: John Hannah, Gemma Redgrave, Russell Brand, Matthew Kelley.
Produced by Ian White, Kieran Roberts (Granada TV).

BLUE MURDER (2005) Cast: Caroline Quentin, Ian Kelsey, Tom Bell.
Produced by Gina Cronk, Kieran Roberts (Granada TV).

THE SEA OF SOULS (2005) Cast: John Hannah, Colin Salmon, Bill Paterson, Dawn Steele.
Produced by Stephen Garwood for BBC Scotland.

WAKING THE DEAD (2004) Cast: Trevor Eve, Sue Johnston, Tim West.
Produced by Richard Burrell, Alexei de Keyser for BBC.

DALZIEL AND PASCOE (1998) Cast: Warren Clarke, Colin Buchanan, Tom Bell, Lesley Philips.
Produced by Nick Pitt for BBC.

SPENDER (1992) Cast: Jimmy Nail, Tom Bell, Peter Guinness. Produced by Paul Raphael for BBC.

SOUTH OF THE BORDER (1989) Cast: Buki Armstrong, Jimmi Harkishin, Dinah Stabb, Rosie Rowell.
Produced by Caroline Oulton for the BBC.


THE CURRY CONNECTION (1990) A history of the Indian restaurant in Britain for Channel 4.

COMRADES AND FRIENDS (1989) Tony Bennʼs campaign for the Labour Leadership in 1989. A National Film and Television School production (NFTS).


MACBETH NO MORE (2010) Writer/Director. For the Actors Centre & Skillset.

BEING OTHELLO (2009) Writer/Director. For the Actors Centre & Skillset.

HAMLET LITTLE (2008) Writer/Director. For the Actors Centre & Skillset.

WATERʼS EDGE (1988) National Film and Television School (NFTS).

MOHAMMEDʼS DAUGHTER (1987) Arts Institute at Bournemouth (formerly BPCAD).


BEING HAMLET – Writer/Director

WAITING FOR MARTIN – Writer/Director



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